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Today, we want to talk about Chouchou kids, located in the Da’an district, in the heart of Taipey City, Taiwan.
Despite the store officially opened to the public in September 2016, Sally Hong and her husband founded Chouchou kids at the end of 2015. They chose the neighbourhood for it’s high quality and selected shops, but they specially fell in love with the openness and fornt door view of the shop.
“Chouchou means my dearly, my precious in French, and all children are Chouchou to the parents. – Sally explains. – The french pronunciation of Chouchou is similar to the term cuddling in Taiwanese.
We choose the name besides for the meaning, our last name is Chou and we have two children, so Chouchou matches perfectly.”

You can go visit their wonderful store in:

No. 5, Lane 116, Section 1, Da’an Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106, Taiwan

 Also, you can follow them on their social media:

instagram: @chouchoukids_store

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Today we start a new section in our blog!

In this section we will talk about a very important part of our brand, which helps us to grow season after season:
our dear retailers.

The first store we want to show to you all is Small Monsters, located in the historic district of Bielefield, in Germany.

Small monsters was founded in 2016, by the profesional textile manager and mother of a six year old child, Emanuela Kracun.
Emanuela had always dreamt about opening her own store.
When she became a mom, she realized that it was hard to find good and nice kid’s clothes around her hometown.
So she got the idea to bring them to Bielefeld by opening a store that offers the labels she likes.
The major priorities for the brands she thoughtfully picks are the quality, design, sustainability, originality and of course, the suitability for kids.

Since Small Monsters took its first steps, the selection of clothes keeps growing and constantly, new labels are added to the mix. Due to the great demand, Emanuela extended the range to dress the not so small monsters as well offering clothes for kids up to 14 years since this year.

The Small Monsters online shop is planning to open its doors on late summer 2017, but meanwhile, you can go visit their wonderful store, decorated by Enmanuela, in:

Niderwall 38, Bielefeld, 33602, Germany.

Also, you can follow them on their social media:

instagram: @small.monsters.store



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Mother’s Day is a special event that honours mother’s figure and is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughtout the world.
Is the third most famous event around the world after Christmas and Easter and the first celebration took place on the ancient Greek, where they honoured Rea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

But, where does it comes from?

In Spain it was traditionally celebrated on December the 8th due to the Inmaculada Concepción day.

But it was changed to the second Sunday in May, due to Anna Jarvis.
She was a north American woman who wanted to commemorate her mother’s dead in 1905, Ann Reeves Jarvis, a social activist that founded Mother’s Day Work Clubs during the Civil War.

After a very hard and active fight, Anna Jarvis  finally convince the U.S president Woodrow Wilson to set up the Mother’s day in 1914.

After that, lots of different countries joined the tradition that we celebrate nowadays.

Miss Anna M. Jarvis — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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