Here we are again ! It’s time for the second part of Her point of view !

Today you can read some more about Emma Donnelly, a mother of two and photographer living in England. We love her instagram feed @takeapicturelady and the unique mood of her photos. We invited her to take part in our botanical project. Here’s her very special and personal view on the summer line !

Why your passion for children’s photography ?

I love the honesty and fun of working within children’s photography. It is often challenging as they don’t like to stand still for long but that is all part of the adventure. I also have a big passion for children’s fashion. I love the whole creative process and the people behind companies I work with, it is very inspiring.


What’s your favourite piece from this summer line ?

Spring-summer to me means green, laid back, nature inspired and the tinycottons collection seems to be all of those things. We have quite cool summers here and our favourite piece is the beautiful pink hoodie. It is not normally something I would choose for my daughter Agnes but the colour and cut really suits her. It looks really cute with the short stripe skirt and long pale legs!


What do you think about the current trends in kids fashion and design ?

Recently I have seen a wave of brands that are intuitive to kids. I like children to dress like children – it should be soft and comfortable and reflect their little personalities. I also like clothing to be quite unisex – in this modern age kids are exposed to so much more media and I try hard with my images to ensure that childhood is reflected within this. Also, I believe in slow fashion – pieces that are made to last and hand down through family and friends, to pay a little more and love them.

How would you describe your style ?

I cannot think in heels! – so I wear flats, always. Quite simple pieces, and I always like to buy something when I travel to different countries.


Thank you Emma! It’s always a pleasure to work with you!!