Mother’s Day is a special event that honours mother’s figure and is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughtout the world.
Is the third most famous event around the world after Christmas and Easter and the first celebration took place on the ancient Greek, where they honoured Rea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

But, where does it comes from?

In Spain it was traditionally celebrated on December the 8th due to the Inmaculada Concepción day.

But it was changed to the second Sunday in May, due to Anna Jarvis.
She was a north American woman who wanted to commemorate her mother’s dead in 1905, Ann Reeves Jarvis, a social activist that founded Mother’s Day Work Clubs during the Civil War.

After a very hard and active fight, Anna Jarvis  finally convince the U.S president Woodrow Wilson to set up the Mother’s day in 1914.

After that, lots of different countries joined the tradition that we celebrate nowadays.

Miss Anna M. Jarvis — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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