Today, we want to talk about Chouchou kids, located in the Da’an district, in the heart of Taipey City, Taiwan.
Despite the store officially opened to the public in September 2016, Sally Hong and her husband founded Chouchou kids at the end of 2015. They chose the neighbourhood for it’s high quality and selected shops, but they specially fell in love with the openness and fornt door view of the shop.
“Chouchou means my dearly, my precious in French, and all children are Chouchou to the parents. – Sally explains. – The french pronunciation of Chouchou is similar to the term cuddling in Taiwanese.
We choose the name besides for the meaning, our last name is Chou and we have two children, so Chouchou matches perfectly.”

You can go visit their wonderful store in: No. 5, Lane 116, Section 1, Da’an Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106, Taiwan