Today we start a new section in our blog!

In this section we will talk about a very important part of our brand, which helps us to grow season after season:
our dear retailers.

The first store we want to show to you all is Small Monsters, located in the historic district of Bielefield, in Germany.

Small monsters was founded in 2016, by the profesional textile manager and mother of a six year old child, Emanuela Kracun.
Emanuela had always dreamt about opening her own store.
When she became a mom, she realized that it was hard to find good and nice kid’s clothes around her hometown.
So she got the idea to bring them to Bielefeld by opening a store that offers the labels she likes.
The major priorities for the brands she thoughtfully picks are the quality, design, sustainability, originality and of course, the suitability for kids.

Since Small Monsters took its first steps, the selection of clothes keeps growing and constantly, new labels are added to the mix. Due to the great demand, Emanuela extended the range to dress the not so small monsters as well offering clothes for kids up to 14 years since this year.

The Small Monsters online shop is planning to open its doors on late summer 2017, but meanwhile, you can go visit their wonderful store, decorated by Enmanuela, in:

Niderwall 38, Bielefeld, 33602, Germany.

Also, you can follow them on their social media:

instagram: @small.monsters.store



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Mother’s Day is a special event that honours mother’s figure and is celebrated in more than 46 countries throughtout the world.
Is the third most famous event around the world after Christmas and Easter and the first celebration took place on the ancient Greek, where they honoured Rea, the mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.

But, where does it comes from?

In Spain it was traditionally celebrated on December the 8th due to the Inmaculada Concepción day.

But it was changed to the second Sunday in May, due to Anna Jarvis.
She was a north American woman who wanted to commemorate her mother’s dead in 1905, Ann Reeves Jarvis, a social activist that founded Mother’s Day Work Clubs during the Civil War.

After a very hard and active fight, Anna Jarvis  finally convince the U.S president Woodrow Wilson to set up the Mother’s day in 1914.

After that, lots of different countries joined the tradition that we celebrate nowadays.

Miss Anna M. Jarvis — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

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We all know that fashion is a changing industry, that seeks to constantly reinvent itself.

Every season, new pieces of clothes appears to contribute to our daily look. Some of them are so ephemeral, that when we remember them or we see ourselves in a picture wearing them, we can only ask ourselves: How could I wear such a thing?

Others, however, came to stay and now it would be impossible to imagine our lives without them.

One of the most famous and used garments all over the world, is the t-shirt.

Here are some curiosities about the tee shirt that you probably didn’t know:

-It was named this way, after the T shape of the body and sleeves.

-It was considered as an undergarment until the middle of the XX century.

-The first printed t-shirt showed on the media, appeared in 1942 on the cover of Life magazine. However, the first printed t-shirts seem to be the ones made in 1939 to promote the movie The Wizard of Oz.

-Scott Fitzgerald was the first to write the term t-shirt in his novel The side of paradise.

-T- shirts finally achieved the status of fashionable, stand-alone, outerwear garments in the 1950s after Marlon Brandon wore one in A streetcar named desire.

-In the 1960’s rock bands started to use them to promote their bands, using their logos, draws, slogans and all kind of designs. The Rolling Stones logo is one of the cases that became more popular.

-In the middle 1980’s the   t-shirt and suit look became very popular, thanks to Dan Johnson from Miami Vice.

-The holder of the Guinness world record for “Most t-shirts worn at once “with 257 T-shirts is Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka, December.


Nowadays, the t-shirt has become a garment of self-expression.

Essential in any wardrobe.

You have a great selection of graphic and printed t-shirts in our website, so go and choose one for your kid before they sold out!




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Since the beginning of time, women faced challenges due to gender biases in the mainstream world of art.

Today, March 8th, we want to celebrate women’s day, by paying our tiny tribute to five influential women who managed to make themselves heard.


Frida Kahlo

Raised and born in Mexico, Frida (1907-1954) combines in her work, eminently personal, the surrealist, naïf and folkloric.

Her life was marked by a childhood illness and an accident in her youth. Her pictorial work revolves around her life and suffering in addition to being very influenced artistically by her husband. Although his work was admired by several artists of the time it was after his death when his works achieved a greater transcendence.


Janis Joplin

Born in Port Arthur, Texas (1943-1970), Janis Joplin became one of the greatest musical stars of all time, challenging prejudices and dismantling stereotypes, both as an artist and as a woman. He complied with the expression “live fast, die young” as death surprised her about to finish recording her latest album. Without adding anything to what Janis recorded, it was posthumously published with the title “Pearl”, which was as some of her friends called her, an album that is an essential part of the music history.


Coco Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, aka Coco (1883-1971) was a designer and business woman born in Saumur, France.

She altered the standards of style during the era after the Second World War, changing the“corseted style”, by a more sporty and casual trend.

Her ambition, determination and energy catapulted her to the fame and made her an icon; being thus, the only designer listed on TIME magazine´s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.


Pina Bausch

The German performer Phillippina Bausch (1940-2009) became a leading influence in the field of modern dance from the 1970’s on.

Inspired by the dance theater form called Tanztheater, she created her own perform company named in the same way, which is still active and touring around the world.

She also influenced another artists career, like David Bowie. Who reveals that his 1987 Spider Tour was inspired on her.


Beatrix Potter

With a very personal style of illustration and a captivating narrative, the british Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) became a literary phenomenon of the 20th century. Despite of her talent to illustrate and to write, Beatrix tried to make a career in the botanical world without success. She was rejected by the school of the Real Botanical Gardens of Kew just for being a woman.

Even in his literary career he had difficulties getting a publisher, but finally, the publishing house “Federick Warne & Co” published what would be his first success and worlwide known book “The tale of Peter Rabbit”.



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