It’s time to discover Her point of view ! We invited some very special people to collaborate and show their point of view on our summer line !

Today : Luciane Valles, a Portuguese designer and photographer, mom of two and author of Rebuçado Ácido blog. We fell in love with her warm and natural style on her instagram feed @lurvalles and we asked for personal view on our summer pieces. Here’s how she sees our botanical collection !


Why your passion for children’s photography ?

I like to create, since I was a little girl. Professionally I work  as a graphic designer and in spare time I work on a new passion that came with motherhood: photography. With my camera and Iphone, I capture real moments of my children’s childhood. My images contain little stories and details that are unique and truly special to me.

tinycottons in your words ?

tinycottons is a breath of fresh air, a brand that came with a vision and a very strong identity. Every season I fall in love with the prints and the stories behind the collections. And what makes this brand even more special is the quality of the fabrics, really amazing.


 What’s your favorite piece from this summer line ?

From the pieces i’ve seen of this new collection i can tell it’s my favorite so far. Really perfect, the colors, the prints and the shapes. The jumpsuit is my daughter’s favorite, she jumped with excitement when she saw it for the first time. The yellow striped dress is my pick, beautiful dress, simple and sophisticated at the same time, perfect for summer.




What do you think about the current trends in kids fashion and design ?

I don’t follow many trends. I always try to buy clothes that fit with my kids’ personality and style. Yes, they already have their opinions! But i also look for brands that bring something new, that can innovate without being too trendy.

How would you describe your style ?

I like simple and comfortable clothes with beautiful details.



Thanks Luciane, it was a pleasure !