Are you ready for an adventure?

There’s no need to travel for kilometres in order to feel grounded in nature and enjoy the little, simple things offered by being in the outskirts. Sleep under the stars, wake up comfortably wrapped up a fleece lining blanket holding a cup of coffee, taking long refreshing walks around the forest, inhaling crisp clean air, swinging in a hammock, or simply clearing out your mind while contemplating the horizon. On your own, or accompanied, connecting with yourself and your surroundings is what truly matters.

The Tiny Big Sister AW21 is a whole universe on its own, where calm prevails, freedom is a state of mind and enjoyment is a lifestyle. An inner search for connection with the environment. Timeless outfits where comfort is simply the norm, and the chic twist to it which you love! C’est la tiny big sister! Garments designed with extra soft cottons, knitwear, padded jackets, sweatshirts with printed messaged, fleece lining, down jackets, and wool coats. All carefully thought and designed for pure enjoyment of your favorite colder season.

Comfort first and foremost, but without sacrificing your style, no matter if you’re more of a city girl or just the opposite. Our cotton pants, lyocell dresses and bambula shirts wil become your best allies on your day to day outfit choices. We have taken accessories very seriously this time. Our scarves have gotten a special position among the rest of our accesories this year. Our knitted and courderoy caps, will give your whole attire a new fresh twist.

Our leather ankle boots or sporty shoes combine perfectly with our dresses, pants and skirts. Lastly, this collection offers colorful prints of all sorts; flowers, lined and grid which result in a brand new colecction like you’ve never seen before.